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First button is with previous code working perfectly.

Next button below with newly generated code

This is what it looks like at the back end when I entered the code. Regular, or fallback code makes no difference! I’m one of the oigina founders when you folks launched VooPlaye, but I have never experienced anything like this.

Never a dull moment for sure, and as mentioned previously my storage space has significantly been reduced since the move to Spotlightr. It was supposed to be because of duplicates occurring in the transfer, and I have not yet found the time, and how to chase this down.

Below find a video with the code directly embedded at this page 

Also, Image On Hold is now huge, and this is all since the last upgrade when I first reported that I was not able to generate the code.

I can understand if you folks like to sprout your logo at share page, but not as an embed and with a scrollbar to see the title and view count below the video on top of it. I also tried turning off the new player, but to no avail, and as such the application is not usable at this stage

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